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You get a novice-friendly interface that can be made to compliment your station's website.


Screenshot of a Points Store

Your members spend their points in your online Points Store–on prizes that they want.

Example of entering a code

Entering codes heard on air is one way for members to earn points. Points are automatically assigned to the member for matching answers.


Screenshot of the message manager

A message manager allows you to easily send out announcements to all or some of your members.

Example of how your member demographics output might look

Detailed demographics allow you to track your Club's progress and target specific types of members. (Shown numbers are representative only)


Example of a public survey

Surveys can be made public (for any website visitor) or private (requiring the visitor to log into the Club for a chance to earn some more points).

Screenshot of the point levels interface

A unique Club feature is the ability to increase friendly competition among members through lifetime point levels. Each point earned by a member is one point closer to achieving that next milestone.

Screenshot of the product administrative interface

Adding new prizes to the Points Store is simple and can be done in about a minute.

About the club (in a nutshell)

The creators of the school closings network are pleased to introduce the Rewards Club–an online listener club that is 100% points-based. Through the Club, members earn points by listening to your station, showing up at remotes, filling out surveys, visiting your website, having birthdays, signing up for promotions, and even just signing in to their accounts every day. Members spend their points at the online “Points Store”, when they want, how they want, and on the prizes that THEY want .

Testimonials from those who know it best

"The pointed out rewards club has increased our attendance at remotes nearly 1000 percent. We've all been to remotes where the client had nothing special scheduled. Now, instead of a two-hour snooze fest, there are listeners coming in just to pick up points. This system also gives us the flexibility to let listeners choose what they prizes they want to spend their points on, and allows us to give away more prizes from our clients, without cluttering up the airwaves." - Bill Boyer, Operations Manager (KRNY, KGFW, KQKY)

"This club is so awesome. I can't wait to use my points." - Brian, Hastings

"Thanks for this great new way to win with your station. I listen all the time at work, but can't tie up the company phone line to call in to win. Now I can listen all day, earn the points, and buy what I want. Thanks a million!" - Rita, Kearney

Why use a points-based Rewards Club?

  • Daily incentives create repeat website traffic, adding value to your online advertising.
  • On-air incentives ensure your P1/P2 listeners stay tuned to your station.
  • Points drive listeners to remotes, making your advertisers very happy.
  • Members provide detailed demographics through surveys, keeping your messages targeted to your listeners.
  • Sponsorships increase revenue; revenue makes Corporate happy.

Included features

  • Points store
  • Sweepstakes manager
  • Member manager
  • Member demographics cruncher
  • Message manager
  • Survey manager
  • Detailed survey statistics
  • Club settings & design wizard

Frequent questions and answers

Q: How long does it take to get setup and running?
A: We can have you setup within a day or two.

Q: How long is the contract period?
A: There usually is no contract period, unless you want one.

Q: I mean the actual length of the contract itself?
A: About 2 pages.

Q: Where do we get the prizes?
A: Most prizes should come from your advertisers.

Q: Is it hard to maintain?
A: The interface is very novice friendly.

Q: What about inventory control?
A: You set the quantity and dates and let the system worry about inventory.

Q: Who awards the points?
A: Points are automatically awarded to members based on your parameters.

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